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Credit Accreditation

  1. The universities in Taiwan use the semester system. There are two semesters in each academic year, and each semester is 18 weeks long.
  2. The first semester usually starts in the mid-September and ends in the mid-January, while the second semester usually starts in the mid-February and ends in the mid-June.
  3. In the university system, some instructors will give students the mid-term and final exams to assess students’ learning outcomes and academic performances. Some instructors will use students’ projects or term papers to evaluate students’ learning outcomes.
  4. Class hours are from Monday to Friday, 8 am to 5 pm, 50 minutes per class, but no more than 6 hours per day, depending on students’ course selections.
  5. Each course is a full 18-week course. A course with 2 credits indicates 2hours in class per week, and a course with 3 credits suggests 3 hours in class per week, and the like.
  6. Grading system: 100 is the maximum grade, 60 is the passing grade. Grade A: 80 to 100, B: 70 to 79, C: 60 to 69, D: 50 to 59, E: less than 50.


English Course List

Course Category: Omni Media, Communication / Data Analytics, Management / Hummanities / General (for exchange students not English speakers)

Global Citizens and Local Actions< Back Course Type: Global Citizens and Local Actions Credits:2 College: This …General
Survey of British Songs< Back Course Type: Survey of British Songs Credits:2 College: This course is …General
Survey of American Songs< Back Course Type: Survey of American Songs Credits:2 College: This course o …General
Selected Readings of American Short Stories< Back Course Type: Selected Readings of American Short Stories Credits:2 Col …General
Second Language Acquisition(SAL)< Back Course Type: Second Language Acquisition(SAL) Credits:2 College: This …General
Reading Classics Written in English< Back Course Type: Reading Classics Written in English Credits:2 College: Th …General
Professional English in Public Relations and Advertising< Back Course Type: Professional English in Public Relations and Advertising …General
Oral Training in English< Back Course Type: Oral Training in English Credits:4 College: This course a …General
Modern British Sitcoms, Translation and Appreciation< Back Course Type: Modern British Sitcoms, Translation and Appreciation Cred …General
Methodology: Linguistics and TESOL< Back Course Type: Methodology: Linguistics and TESOL Credits:2 College: Thi …General
Media English< Back Course Type: Media English Credits:2 College: This course introduces t …General
Journalistic English< Back Course Type: Journalistic English Credits:2 College: To understand the …General
Guide to Professional Literature in English< Back Course Type: Guide to Professional Literature in English Credits:2 Col …General
English Phonetics< Back Course Type: English Phonetics Credits:4 College: The purpose of this …General
English Conversation< Back Course Type: English Conversation Credits:2 College: The course aims t …General
English Composition< Back Course Type: English Composition Credits:4 College: The course aims at …General
English Communication and Presentation< Back Course Type: English Communication and Presentation Credits:2 College: …General
Contemporary Anglo-American Poetry< Back Course Type: Contemporary Anglo-American Poetry Credits:2 College: Thi …General
Business English< Back Course Type: Business English Credits:2 College: This course is design …General
Basic News Reporting and Writing in English< Back Course Type: Basic News Reporting and Writing in English Credits:2 Col …General
Applied English Writing< Back Course Type: Applied English Writing Credits:2 College: This course is …General
Legal Writing< Back Course Type: Legal Writing Credits:2 College: This is a one-year Engli …Hummanities
Introduction to Western Literature< Back Course Type: Introduction to Western Literature Credits:4 College: Thi …Hummanities
History of Western Civilization< Back Course Type: History of Western Civilization Credits:4 College: This c …Hummanities
English Debate and Public Speaking< Back Course Type: English Debate and Public Speaking Credits:4 College: The …Hummanities
Criminology< Back Course Type: Criminology Credits:3 College: The term “criminolog …Hummanities
Chinese Essays in English Translation< Back Course Type: Chinese Essays in English Translation Credits:2 College: …Hummanities
American Literature before 1865< Back Course Type: American Literature before 1865 Credits:2 College: The ma …Hummanities
American Literature after 1865< Back Course Type: American Literature after 1865 Credits:2 College: The mai …Hummanities
Tourism Resources Planning and Management< Back Course Type: Tourism Resources Planning and Management Credits:3 Colle …Data Analytics, Management
Topics in Taiwan Economic Development< Back Course Type: Topics in Taiwan Economic Development Credits:3 College: …Data Analytics, Management
Social Innovation and Social Enterprise< Back Course Type: Social Innovation and Social Enterprise Credits:3 College …Data Analytics, Management
Marketing Management< Back Course Type: Marketing Management Credits:3 College: The objectives of …Data Analytics, Management
Managerial Economics< Back Course Type: Managerial Economics Credits:3 College: Economics is the …Data Analytics, Management
Financial Accounting Workshop< Back Course Type: Financial Accounting Workshop Credits:3 College: This cou …Data Analytics, Management
Economic Topics< Back Course Type: Economic Topics Credits:3 College: The subjects of the co …Data Analytics, Management
Digital Governance< Back Course Type: Digital Governance Credits:3 College: With the developmen …Data Analytics, Management
Decision Making and Policy Analysis< Back Course Type: Decision Making and Policy Analysis Credits:3 College: In …Data Analytics, Management
Customer Relationship Management< Back Course Type: Customer Relationship Management Credits:3 College: How t …Data Analytics, Management
Big Data and Communication< Back Course Type: Big Data and Communication Credits:2 College: This course …Data Analytics, Management
Big Data Analysis< Back Course Type: Big Data Analysis Credits:2 College: This course covers c …Data Analytics, Management
Artificial Intelligence: Principles and Techniques< Back Course Type: Artificial Intelligence: Principles and Techniques Credit …Data Analytics, Management
Virtual Studio for Designers< Back Course Type: Virtual Studio for Designers Credits:2 College: This cour …Omni Media, Communication
Virtual Reality 360° Film< Back Course Type: Virtual Reality 360° Film Credits:2 College: With the ins …Omni Media, Communication
The Drone Thinking Initiative< Back Course Type: The Drone Thinking Initiative Credits:2 College: This cou …Omni Media, Communication
Sound Art< Back Course Type: Sound Art Credits:2 College: This course introduces the d …Omni Media, Communication
Radio-TV-Film English< Back Course Type: Radio-TV-Film English Credits:2 College: This course is d …Omni Media, Communication
Public Relations< Back Course Type: Public Relations Credits:2 College: Public relations is t …Omni Media, Communication
Popular Culture< Back Course Type: Popular Culture Credits:2 College: Popular culture, or po …Omni Media, Communication
Omni Media< Back Course Type: Omni Media Credits:2 College: This course aims to help st …Omni Media, Communication
Motion Capture< Back Course Type: Motion Capture Credits:2 College: Originally, Motion Capt …Omni Media, Communication
Mixed Reality Design< Back Course Type: Mixed Reality Design Credits:2 College: This course will …Omni Media, Communication
Media Operation and Strategic Management< Back Course Type: Media Operation and Strategic Management Credits:3 Colleg …Omni Media, Communication
Global Marketing< Back Course Type: Global Marketing Credits:2 College: Despite the long-stan …Omni Media, Communication
Criticism of Photography< Back Course Type: Criticism of Photography Credits:3 College: By using hist …Omni Media, Communication
Consumer Culture< Back Course Type: Consumer Culture Credits:2 College: Study of consumer cul …Omni Media, Communication
Brand Management< Back Course Type: Brand Management Credits:2 College: The discipline of bra …Omni Media, Communication
Augmented Reality< Back Course Type: Augmented Reality Credits:2 College: AR is a term for a l …Omni Media, Communication
Applied Public Speaking< Back Course Type: Applied Public Speaking Credits:2 College: The Applied Pu …Omni Media, Communication
Advertising Persuasion< Back Course Type: Advertising Persuasion Credits:2 College: Advertising is …Omni Media, Communication
3D Printing< Back Course Type: 3D Printing Credits:2 College: 3D printing is a kind of r …Omni Media, Communication