Course Type: General

Oral Training in English

This course aims at training and acquainting the students of communicative strategies designed to help them adapt to American or foreign social situations. The main objectives include enhanced verbal skills, improved non-verbal skills, better organization skills, and increased argumentation skills. Students are expected to able to express themselves clearly and coherently, whether presenting their ideas, interviewing foreign guests in a news conference, introducing Chinese culture to foreigners, or introducing themselves in different situations such as social gathering, job interviews as such. Tongue-twisters aim at helping students improve their pronunciation; while advertisements aid them in stressing their points and pacing. Students are then required to provide a self-introduction in English, a show-and-tell and stage a press conference in English either introducing a new product or interviewing foreign guests. English skits also help them put into practice what they have learned in class and learn ways to make their speaking more dynamic. Students are acquainted with a number of guides toward increased speech effectiveness. They are asked to devote a considerable amount of time to reading, observing people and things around them, participating in various activities, and listening to any source which will increase their knowledge. Their speeches are likewise required to be specific, vivid and clear in their phrasing, not an accidental occurrence but rather the result of careful planning and meticulous preparation. Eventually, in class presentation will help them become confident speakers, feeling sure of their subjects and having a real desire to communicate effectively in English.