Tourism Resources Planning and Management

< Back Course Type: Tourism Resources Planning and Management Credits:3 College: The purpose of this course is to provide students with the methods of tourism planning and planning theories, and help students to develop their critical thinking in tourism resource… Read More

Topics in Taiwan Economic Development

< Back Course Type: Topics in Taiwan Economic Development Credits:3 College: This course is arranged in five topics. (1) How was Taiwan transferred from an agriculture dominated and very much inward looking economy into an export-oriented and outward looking economy?… Read More

Social Innovation and Social Enterprise

< Back Course Type: Social Innovation and Social Enterprise Credits:3 College: This course starting from the perspective of social innovation, and to discuss the rise of social enterprise. Through a variety of social innovation program, the establishment of the advantages… Read More

Marketing Management

< Back Course Type: Marketing Management Credits:3 College: The objectives of the course are to introduce marketing concepts, and strategies and to familiarize with the elements of marketing mix. Moreover, this course provides an in-depth study of marketing principles and… Read More

Managerial Economics

< Back Course Type: Managerial Economics Credits:3 College: Economics is the study of choices. Managerial economics is the study of managerial issues using economic approaches. Besides basic economic concepts, this course covers the following subjects: pricing, strategic thinking (game theory),… Read More

Financial Accounting Workshop

< Back Course Type: Financial Accounting Workshop Credits:3 College: This course is designed to aid graduate students with basic accounting and finance background in comprehending the theoretical concepts and empirical methods in accounting research. This course will introduce and discuss… Read More

Economic Topics

< Back Course Type: Economic Topics Credits:3 College: The subjects of the course vary semester by semester depending on the specialty and interests of the students. The course covers theoretical analysis, theory in practice, and policy issues.

Digital Governance

< Back Course Type: Digital Governance Credits:3 College: With the development of information technology and internet, e-government, digital democracy, and digital governance are the issues discussed heavily in the public management field. This course mainly focuses on the discussion of… Read More