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Shih Hsin University Library has a wealth of collection resources.

Shih Hsin University Library has a wealth of collection resources. One of the exceptional collections is Zeng Yongyi’s special collection, an academician of Academia Sinica and a professor of Shih Hsin University. The special collections of the Library focus on the fields of information design, political science and social movement, integrity and governance, World Chinese literature, and other related books in Taiwan history. In addition, the Library also purchases diverse foreign language interactive learning materials in Japanese, Korean, English, German, French, and Spanish, and miscellaneous professional books, core journals, databases to enrich teaching and research Resources. The Library strives to keep purchasing featured collections on the basis of social and academic development.

In response to the accelerating growth of new digital media, the Library offers a series of virtual reality collections from National Palace Museum, virtual reality cardboard borrowing services, AR board games, and etc.. Learning via these new media technologies, including virtual reality and augmented reality, will stimulate students' creative potential. The most popular and frequently-used audio-visual videos are international award-winning videos, documentaries, and popular and classic movies. Through the iMac ‘s large screen, watching movie becomes a visual enjoyment. The Library also collects more than 18,000 classic comic books published in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan, and the United States. It serves as an alternative learning material, stimulating students’ creative thinking and logical thinking. The board game loan services are offered in the Library. Through these social and educational games, students can enjoy free board games at school.

Shih Hsin University Library provides free Inter-Library Loans (ILL) or document delivery services among partner schools. In order to strengthen library information services, the library provides E-mail and mobile phone notification services, reminding readers of the return due date. The library's APP also make library services more comprehensive. Welcome to visit our library website for more information.