Global Marketing

Despite the long-standing interest of numerous scholars and practitioners in global marketing, a consensus about what constitutes effective global marketing strategy has been emerging only in the very recent years. Generally speaking, the three major components of the standardization, configuration, customization, coordination, and integration in the product design, product manufacturing, supply chain management, channel system, and customer service system are deemed as integral totality of global marketing. Besides, a balance between centralization and de-centralization in the business model is also understood a key factor in creating a global marketing strategy that features “Thinking globally, acting locally.” Theories proposed by such global marketing researchers as Michael Porter, Roth Samiee, Berry Berman and Margaret Carlos are incorporated into this course, so the students will gain more insights into the following subjects: 1. Product management in the global market; 2. Transformation of local brands into global brands; 3. Enhancement of competitiveness in the global market; 4. Analysis of consumer behavior at the global level; 5. CRM and global marketing; 6. Marketing communication for global products.