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Healthcare and Welfare Support


Healthcare and Welfare Support

In order to make you feel at home, Shih Hsin University has been devoted to providing international students with welfare support, including the following services:

  • Residential Support and Off-Campus Support
    Whether you live on or off campus, the University can help you settle into your new living surroundings.
  • Childcare Support
    We understand some international students may come to the University with their family and kids. We will do our best to meet all your childcare needs. However, please propose your request before you apply for the University.
  • Disability Service
    In order to facilitate disabled students to study at the University, SHU offers all-round supports. However, please let us know your personal needs before you apply for the University.
  • Career and Employment Service
    The University will help you find both part-time jobs and internships, and offer career planning services. International students must abide by the regulations related to the employment in Taiwan in accordance with the Employment Service Act (ESA).
  • Healthcare
    Healthcare services are convenient and affordable in Taiwan. All overseas students will receive the same level of healthcare as Taiwan’s students. Also, there is a Health Center located in She-Wo Building. Each nursing staff will offer healthcare to all students, staff, and visitors at the university.
  • Student Counselling Service
    Shih Hsin University sets up a counselling center to provide advice and guidance for all students in the University. The counselling items range from self-knowledge, life, study, emotion, interpersonal relationships, family, career, to other aspects. You could visit the center at any time or make an appointment for counseling services via e-mail and other social networks.
  • Overseas Student Service Center
    The Overseas Student Service Centre, a division of the Office of International Affairs, located in She-Wo Building, is willing to provide all of your non-academic related enquiries. The Center can provide advice and support on accommodation, university cards, enrolment, orientation, student activities, and so on.

Please Click Here to Find A Pharmacy, Drugstore or Hospital Near Shih Hsin.