SHU took the lead with its mass communication speciality and efforts to actively promote cross-strait cooperation and become the choice for foreign students.

Cheers magazine invited 151 university presidents to participate in the third annual review of faculties. The survey showed that private universities’ increasing globalization is the biggest trend, of the 26 universities on the list 13 are private universities. SHU distinguished itself by having made the most improvements due to its cooperation with industry.

The industry cooperation center, established in 2016, oversees fulfilling industry needs for academic cooperation. Applications for patents are one way industry and academia cooperate. The school board is dedicated to maintaining this system. Students from SHU all performed well in the International Innovation & Invention Expo. Furthermore, the school board reached out the Grand Hotel in Taipei to create a platform for students to perform. Allowing students to use classroom knowledge in practice.

According to Cheers magazine, SHU also took first and ninth place in the Chinese student energy category, which shows the amazing cooperation and friendliness between the two countries. SHU took 13th place in the foreign students’ category, for its help to students in exchanging international experiences and sharing language and culture. Moreover, in the surveys done by Cheers magazine and 1111 human resource company, SHU was the 14th favorite of industry and holds first place in the realm of mass communication. Showing the positive industry reviews of the university.

Manager of Cheers magazine handing out a top 20 award to President Joe Wu.


SHU is a top 20 university in course design.