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Enrolment & Orientation


Enrolment & Orientation

All students have to finish the enrolment procedure before they begin their studies at Shih Hsin University. The Office of International Affairs will help you to complete the enrolment. The enrolment procedure is simple and easy.

Most important of all, you have to make sure if you have brought the information and documents required by Shih Hsin University. You will receive complete enrolment information before your arrival.

To complete the enrolment, you must finish the following procedures:

  1. Complete online sign up
  2. Prepare sufficient finances for your tuition and accommodation expenses for your study at Shih Hsin University
  3. Ensure the validity of your passport and permission to stay in Taiwan as a student
  4. Bring any requested documents with you, such as original copies of certificates or proof of sponsorship

Once you complete the enrolment procedure, you will receive a student ID card which allows your access to university facilities.

Exchange students are suggested to join the course “Global Citizens and Local Activities,” which could help you to orient yourselves at the university and get into the local community comfortably and quickly.