SHU students were the first choice for the mass communication industry according to a 2017 survey by 1111 human resource company. SHU’s unique ability to incorporate mass communication into all subjects helped it stand out amongst all universities.Deputy General Manager Li of 1111 Human Resource Company believes increased demand in the technology industry last year resulted in universities specialized in the field getting higher ratings in the survey. Moreover, all industries are in a period of integration with media technology, for instance the financial field is merging into Fin-Tech. Thus, the demand for technology talent is rising.

The survey also discovered that more than 95% of companies are willing to use rookies. They love to see the effort, innovative ideas, and ambition of fresh graduates. Passion and stress management ability rate at the top of what companies value most, second is communication and cooperation skills.

All data and information was collected from China Times weekly.
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SHU rates at top of all private universities.