It’s show time for the annual Freshman Camp at SHU! Since 2005, SHU followed the strategies from Yale and Harvard, established the first Freshmen Camp among all domestic universities, providing a series of courses and activities to help freshmen adapt their new life in college. Vice president of SHU encouraged the students, saying that Youth is limited, hope infinite in the opening ceremony during the first echelon.

The three-day annual Freshman Camp at SHU, designed to help new students navigate their new academic lives, took on the theme of equality this year. Freshmen are led by seniors to get around the new environment, listen to lectures and participate in group activities to cultivate the students’ social responsivities as well as planning for their college career.

Students didn’t only learn to take care of elders in nursing homes, but were also inspired by the tragedy of the color blast event in Bale in which party goers suffered terrible burns. In cooperation with the Sunshine Social Welfare Foundation, students started a movement by decorating their faces with burn marks and birthmarks to raise awareness of and caring for burn injury victims.

Another campaign will take place on 9/1 to spread the concept of “Three yeses and noes” to put facial equality in to practice, urging students to respect and care for every appearance.

The Freshman camp.


President Wu attends the opening ceremony .