Shih Hsin University hosted the MOE Overseas Internship wrap-up presentation on 13th November 2019 at She-Wo Building. The internship students were invited to share their experiences and feedbacks about their internship in Japan. Professors as well as supervisors from Japanese corporations were also invited to the wrap-up presentation, showing the high respect to the program.


The collaboration between Shih Hsin University and Seibu Group has come to the fourth year with good interaction. This time, there are several institutions of Seibu Group engaged in the internship program, including, Prince Hotels & Resorts, Shimoda Prince Hotel and Yokohama Hakkeijima Sea Paradise. Besides Seibu Group, Shodoshima Healthyland Co., Ltd, Pacific Islands Club, Ikenotaira Hotel, and Gosenjaku Hotel Kamikochi also joined the program, offering additional options.


One of the students stated that the working environment in Japan is pleasant. The student who was an intern in Shimoda Prince Hotel expressed that all the colleagues were at the same age as him, which substantially reduced the difficulty for all the colleagues in getting along with each other. He ended up with making lots of friends, and it was one of the wonderful and memorable experiences in the internship.


The student from the Department of Tourism shared an impressive experience in the presentation. A father and son from Germany arrived in the hotel without tour reservation made in advance and requested her assistance. The student, therefore, put what she had learned in the course of Tour Planning into good use. She emphasized that the happiest thing is to combine your interest with your work as well as to train your language proficiency during work. These are all valuable experiences.


Additionally, the students also compared the working environment between Taiwan and Japan. The biggest difference they found is the way how people greet each other. Japanese people always greet customers with energy and will never let customers see their exhaustion. Influenced by Japanese colleagues, the students seemed to do so as their Japanese co-workers. Also, they found that Japanese people value their Corporate Image very much. They only put on their uniform after arriving at their company. They strongly value the sense of honor as a team.


The students also shared the pros and cons about overseas internships. The advantages are the decent payment, good language learning environment and enhanced working culture experiences. The disadvantages, on the other hand, are the unfamiliar environment, language gap and homesickness. The students, however, emphasized that it is only when you speak the language, listen to the language, and are willing to learn the language, you will see your improvements.


Dr. Pi-Fang Hsu, Dean of Industry-Academia Collaboration, presented that since the implementation of the MOE Overseas Internship Program, many students have achieved their goal to find a job through the internship program. Dr. Hsu encouraged students to take opportunities and sources to pursue their dreams and challenge the unknown in the future bravely.


Shih Hsin University hosted the internship wrap-up presentation, sharing experiences with junior students

Group photo of professors and supervisors from Japanese corporations engaged in the internship program

Shih Hsin Student shared his internship experiences in Japan

Japanese Supervisors were satisfied with the student’s performance and wrap-up presentation