With the consistent decreasing number of university freshmen, university presidents in Taiwan are facing the pressure from higher education issues. However, Shih Hsin University has received recommendation from other universities because of its reputation for intensive collaboration with the media industry, integration of communication skills into every academic field, and outstanding performances and awards won by both graduates and alumni. All these merits make Shih Hsin University ranked the twelfth among both national and private universities and the top 6 among private universities at the same time.

The evaluation of ‘’The Growth of University Performance’’, held by Cheers magazine, is based on mutual evaluation of university presidents. This year, Cheers magazine continuously invited presidents from 148 universities (Junior College excluded) to recommend universities which have evident performance growth. Shih Hsin University, luckily, won the twelfth among other universities. President of Shih Hsin University, Yeong-Chyan Wu, attended the award ceremony on 21st February 2019, and received the award from YIN, YUN-PENG, founder of CommonWealth Magazine.

LU, JHIH-FANG, the Chief Editor of Cheers magazine, stated that university presidents know the best about performances of each university, and this rank could offer a different reference to students and parents for choosing a proper university. Comparing with last year’s ranking, Shih Hsin University comes back to the top 20. Shih Hsin University earns recognition owing to its alumni’s distinguished performances, excellent relationship with industry as well as curriculum reform in response to the rapidly changing communication industry.

Yeong-Chyan Wu, President of Shih Hsin University, expressed that it is lucky to be ranked as the 12th among 148 universities. He also stated that this achievement is the result of efforts from all professors and students. He expected Shih Hsin University to keep moving forward in the future.

Integration of practice and theory, internationalization, autonomous learning, innovation are the significant indicators of the ranking of The Growth of Teaching Performance. Shih Hsin University stands out in the number of cross-strait exchange students. The liberal social, cultural, academic atmosphere, and the leading professionalism in communication fields attract students from China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong to study in Shih Hsin University.

“The Top 20 University Teaching Performance” award ceremony held  on 21st February 2019 by Cheers magazine.

Shih Hsin University ranked the twelfth among both national and private universities, Yeong-Chyan Wu, President of Shih Hsin University was invited to attend the ceremony.