International Student Ambassadors of Shih Hsin University visited the Polish Office in Taipei on 20th March to familiarize themselves with Polish history, culture and language. Led by the Office of International Affairs, there were around 15 students and staff attending the visit, two Polish exchange students included. The visit focused on the history and culture of Poland and it was hosted by Mrs. Olimpia Kot-Giletycz, Public and Cultural Diplomacy Expert in Consular Affairs.

     International Student Ambassador Program (ISAP), former Model United Nations (MUN), aims to assist the Office of International Affairs to deal with international affairs, including reception of foreign guests, services for foreign students, etc.. Shih Hsin University has been building up partnerships with universities in East Europe in recent years. This semester, three exchange students from Poland come to study in Shih Hsin University for a term. Shih Hsin University hopes that the opportunity of this visit can help students know more about Polish culture, by which the students can give assistance for those Polish exchange students.

     With energy and enthusiasm, Mrs. Olimpia, Public and Cultural Diplomacy Expert, presented the historical background, culture, festivals, and language of Polish to the students. The students of Shih Hsin University also showed their interest in Polish culture by asking questions. The Office of International affairs arranged this visit in hopes of drawing students’ attention to international affairs and seeking more academic collaboration with universities in Poland.


Group photo of International Student Ambassadors of Shih Hsin University and Mrs. Olimpia Kot-Giletycz, Public and Cultural Diplomacy Expert in Consular Affairs.