Shih Hsin University has become the first partner university in Taiwan since March 1st, 2019 after establishing partnerships with the Office of International Commercial of Cable News Network (CNN).

CNN has been ranked by Taiwanese politicians and business leaders as the most resourceful and trustworthy International news among other media sources. As a leading and top university in the field of journalism and communication, Shih Hsin University is proud to be the first university that established partnership with CNN in Taiwan. Students and faculty of Shih Hsin University will have the opportunity to access CNN’s sources to further enrich their research and learning.

The Omnimedia Building of Shih Hsin University is about to be launched in the first half year of 2019. Sticking to the core value of “Embracing the World”, Shih Hsin University is always devoted to cultivating the global view for people engaging in the professional fields of journalism, communication and new media. As such, partnering with CNN is one of the significant initiatives to pursue the excellence in journalism and communication education.