Shih Hsin University is always dedicated to higher education and formally established the “Professional Enrollment Office” on January 4. According to the 12-year National New Education Program, the university enrollment plan will also be adjusted and Shih Hsin University established the Professional Enrollment Office to enhance overall performance. The President Yung-chien Wu stressed that Shih Hsin is committed to developing excellent higher education, and the enrollment procedure is always strict and prudent. The Professional Enrollment Office can improve the enrollment.

The President Yung-chien Wu stressed that Shih Hsin has devoted to cultivating top talents of higher education since its foundation. Its excellent alumni are in all walks of life, so Shih Hsin is the first choice for many young people. The newly established Professional Enrollment Office will implement enrollment more accurately and professionally. The Chairman of Shih Hsin University, Cheng-Hu Chow also said establishment of Professional Enrollment Office can provide better environment for Shih Hsin to develop higher education more steadfastly, and provide glowing stage for young students.