The 7th annual “Relay Read for Love” event took place at SHU this month. 32 teams up to 178 students took part in this event. The 8 hours of non-stop reading out loud is set to convey the importance of reading.

“There are so many benefits of reading.” The dean of Academic affairs Kuo says. Reading can not only lighten up one’s spirit, but also stimulate critical thinking as well as enrich the mind. This event brings all book lovers together to share their interests in books.

Participants used different methods to show the many aspects of reading regardless of their age and language. Students form Tsai Hsing elementary school combined reading with theatre; they performed with rich facial and sound expressions. Their gestures and spirit affected all the audience. English is not native to the students, however with the simulation of scenes and characters, students would be able to appreciate reading even more.

One of the teams “Happy United Nations” combing Indonesian, Thai and Cambodian to build a performance. Wang, instructor from the Department of Information and Communication of SHU, encourages students to take part in the event, and urges all to read in different languages, this way is to help understanding the marvelous world.

Tsai Hsing Elementary combines reading with theatre, showing their confidence and delighted spirit.


“Happy United Nations” read in three different languages to promote reading regardless of language and nationality.