Since the official formation of the U9 League witch formed by SHU, SCU, TKU, FJU and other fellow universities, the league has been prone to put the fruitful developing experiences and resources up stage. The conference took place on 7/1, Doctor. Wu, the president of SHU says, college students in Taiwan are facing the short of resource and hopes to seek a path through American Education help the students learning. SHU is prestigious in the field of Communication, and will follow the idea of “The Big Data” to open related courses in cultivating students with diverse abilities.

The event was part of the Shih Hsin “U9 League,” which was formed by SHU, SCU, TKU, FJU and other fellow universities. The summit also discussed QA (Quality Assurance) and IR (Institutional Research), with the chairman of the Taiwan Association for Institutional Research making a well-received speech. Huang, the chairman of the Taiwan Association for Institutional Research, brought a wonderful speech discussing “QR and IR”. Huang stated that in the last decade, the scholars in Taiwan focused more on the excellence of teaching, and follow by QA (Quality Assurance) the standard as well as the quality of education. However, it is now the era of IR (Institutional Research). Huang believes that IR and QA should co-ordinate with each other, on the one hand set up a path for the institution, and on the other hand establish certain policies and budget distribution to meet the international trend.

Auditor Pai from TKU agrees with the concept of the integration of QA and IR. Pai reveals that in order to understand a student’s Core competencies and Basic literacy, the TKU school board is now promoting related research in the Business and Management Institute, furthermore, to build a related platform for the information to be openly displayed.

Two presentations were held during the conference. The first of the two presentations is hosted by the vice president of SHU Doctor Chen. He led deans from FJU, TKU and other fellow universities to explore “the Big Data of Education” at a recent summit. The second presentation is then held by the chief of Research and development office of SHU, which covers the students’ analysis of enrolling college and elective behaviors as well as studying effectiveness. Lastly, many fellow universities are looking forward to the cooperation between each schoolboard and hopes for a subsidy from the Ministry of Education.

President Wu speaks at Summit.


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