Currently most domestic universities only provide tuition reduction for low income students. SHU has budgeted NT$12 million to help students as part of its new “Dream Come True at SHU” financial assistance program. More than 250 students from middle-to-low and low-income families are set to benefit from the program, which provides free tuition for four years of college. In addition, students can file for 9 months of life grants each school year.

A few students stated that with the help of this program, they were able to help reduce the family’s burden. Most importantly the students will not have to worry about the students’ debt, and the monthly life grants provided also allows students to focus more on academic performances.

Academic director Lee of SHU stated that many students were forced to give up their dreams of studying at SHU because the high cost of tuition, however with this funding program, many students are provided a chance to study here, and hopes to draw more brilliant students here at SHU. Also, several more scholarship programs, including She Wo, freshman, Emergency, and aborigines scholarships are also provided. Furthermore, funding for “Giving Scholarships” and “Foodpons” are established to support the students in need.

The admission took great impact under the influence of the low birth rate. SHU’s distribution rate is 91.04%, making it second place among all private universities and 7th place among all universities domestically.

The beautiful campus and relaxing atmosphere of SHU provides a perfect environment for students to study.


Being famous for its teaching in communication, all the instruments and equipment are professional grade standard.