Virtual Reality 360° Film

< Back Course Type: Virtual Reality 360° Film Credits:2 College: With the inspection of virtual environmental theory and the introduction of its application system, students can be familiarized with dialogue concept system structure to reach human export interface in order… Read More

The Drone Thinking Initiative

< Back Course Type: The Drone Thinking Initiative Credits:2 College: This course will teach students to use and be inspired by Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), more commonly known as drones. Over the course, students will be taught the ins and… Read More

Sound Art

< Back Course Type: Sound Art Credits:2 College: This course introduces the different style and forms sound could be performed, to lead students into the world of sounds. In order to understand sound arts, students must learn the skills to… Read More

Radio-TV-Film English

< Back Course Type: Radio-TV-Film English Credits:2 College: This course is designed to help students build their English-language proficiency in speaking, listening, reading and writing for communicative purposes. In this course, students strengthen their English communication skills at an intermediate… Read More

Public Relations

< Back Course Type: Public Relations Credits:2 College: Public relations is the art and science of managing communication between an organization and its key public constituents, building, sustaining and developing its positive image. According to PR scholars including James Grunig,… Read More

Popular Culture

< Back Course Type: Popular Culture Credits:2 College: Popular culture, or pop culture, consists of the cultural elements that prevail (at least numerically) in any given society, reflecting the major features of the cultural context in that society. The interpersonal… Read More

Omni Media

< Back Course Type: Omni Media Credits:2 College: This course aims to help students to understand the role of Omni Media in daily life and to assist them in evaluating Omni Media influences regarding their personal desires, choices and decisions.… Read More

Motion Capture

< Back Course Type: Motion Capture Credits:2 College: Originally, Motion Capture System is a 3D motion measurement and tracking system created to meet the demands of scientific, industrial or medic motion analysis and study. Now this technology is widely adapted… Read More