SHU has bestowed a Lifetime Honorary Professorship on Shanghai-based Tongji University president Dr. Pei Gang. Dr. Pei is a member of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and has excelled in the fields of life sciences and stem cell research.

President Dr. Joe Wu thanked Dr. Pei for his work over many years bringing the two schools closer, a partnership that started in 2009. Dr. Pei’s speech at the ceremony addressed the themes of technology, information and human development. He examined the use of big data in terms of transportation, meteorology, finance, commerce and biomedical sciences, describing data as a ‘gold mine’ awaiting our exploration.

Dr. Pei concluded that while these developments bring us convenience, they also pose privacy risks. Dr. Pei ended saying he wants to contribute more sees SHU as his home.

Dr. Joe Wu gives a speech to thank Dr. Pei for his contribution.


Dr. Joe gives Dr. Pei the Lifetime Honorary Professor certificate.


Dr. Pei accepts the certificate and souvenir.