The crowd went wild on 11/25 at SHU. Former president Ma was invited by the SHU graduation Association to share his experiences and thoughts on life and his policies during his presidency. Thousands of students were attracted to the auditorium to meet Ma. The students warmly welcomed Ma with cheer and applause. Ma even walked off the stage to take questions and hopes to interacted with the students as much as possible.

Ma shared his principles of life to the students, saying that he always keeps “Three Yeses and Three Noes” This ideal is supported by three main ideas, “with principles comes no mess”, “With plans makes no work” “with budget brings no poor”. Furthermore, the most important point is to treat people sincerely and be respectful to everything. He urged all individuals to stay positive and live a successful; more over as a sportaholic he encouraged all to exercise regularly in order to stay healthy.

“It’s funny how In the past eight years people have been calling me names, saying that I sold Taiwan to China, but the current ruling party still remain the same.” Ma says. Ma believes that it is impossible for the government to please everyone, and that his principles are always aimed to maintain the peace between two countries. Ma then further addresses “Cooperation brings prosperity, separation causes decline and oppose leads to turbulence” “The both side of the straits must strive to avoid war, because no one wins the war, and no one loses in peace.” The policies and principles he adopted are of years of research, is aimed to find the best balance between the many conflicts of interests.

President of SHU Wu said that it was Ma’s fifth visit at SHU. Wu believes that the Taiwanese society is experiencing separation and ideological differences among the people. History will prove all the efforts Ma made during his presidency. Ma answered all the questions with details. One student raised a question towards the military procurement costs during Ma’s presidency. Ma answered “As a independent county, sufficient defense force is necessary” Ma then won a huge applause by asking the student “I don’t see how that is a problem”

Ma kindly invited students up stage to interact with him.


Ma tossing souvenirs to the students.


President Wu addressing the opening speech.


Ma encourages all seniors with the topic of “What Life Should Mean to You”