To cultivate outstanding Digital convergence students, Construction on SHU’s new all-media research and development institute has kicked off, with project completion due by Jan 2019. The ceremony was hosted by President Wu, many guests were invited to participate the event. All the guests hoped for the best and gave their blessing to the construction.

President Wu congratulated everyone involved in the project and said that the institute would help extend SHU’s long and prestigious history in the field of mass communication.

The brand new all-media building will feature professional studios, an animation area, an AR/VR dynamic capture zone, a specimen chamber, pop music center, data center and instruments zone. Setting a goal to provide all resources needed to cultivate outstanding Digital convergence students, as well as establishing the first all media research and development institution.

The new building is located behind the management building.


All staff members pray for the construction, hoping to build the best all-media environment for students.