How to report with feeling through camera? CNN’s International News anchor, Lynda Kinkade, suggested seeing the camera as your own mother. In the tutorial, students from Shih Hsin University took the opportunities to ask questions and do drill exercises with the CNN anchor. To better answer students’ questions, CNN decided to open extra courses, explaining and advising on how to apply for CNN’s Internship program.

After establishing the first partnership in Taiwan with CNN, Dean of College of Journalism and Communications, John Wei-Chun Wen, and Professor SYYI TZENG, took 15 students to CNN headquarters for drill training. The courses are including, for instance, CNN’s SOP, journalistic ethics, social media, and host and report, to name a few. CNN, highly valuing the partnership with Shih Hsin University, invited some senior executives and anchors to interact with students.

A lot of students of Shih Hsin University are devoted to becoming news anchors which showed their great interest in CNN’s anchor training courses. Lynda Kinkade, one of the training anchors, detailed demonstrated the Standard Operating Procedures of CNN anchor as well as her personal experiences working in the media industry from Australia to America as CNN anchor. Lynda Kinkade also shared the experience as the host on the primary election debate of Democratic Party, and how the CNN team handled the emergency issues, which made it a spotlight of this training.


Group photo of CNN anchor, Lynda Kinkade, and Shih Hsin University team.


Student of Shih Hsin University and CNN anchor’s drill exercise.


CNN anchor and student had great interactions.