Assistant Professor Julie Foss and 9 exceptional students from Shih Hsin University’s sister school, Saginaw Valley State University, SVSU, formed a Roberts Fellow Visiting Group, and came to SHU on May 9th, along with Director Cin-Ling Yang from Ming Chuan University’s Michigan location. The visitors saw not only SHU’s studio, but also the English Corner, which are the campus’s famous spots. Visitors were accompanied by the director of Public Affairs, I-Jan Yeh, vice director, Pei-An Liao, Dean of the Department of Chinese Literature, Hsueh-Jou Chang, and students who had been on exchange programs to America.

Ms. Foss said, “SHU and SVSU have built a strong bonding through the years by cooperating together, including short-term exchange student programs and professor’s exchange programs. I am very happy to finally have the chance to visit this university which was loved by the students.” Sandra and Nick who were exchange students to Taiwan in 2015 and 2016, respectively, were very happy to be back at SHU with the visiting group. “I am so happy to come back here!” Sandra said, excitedly.

In the English Corner, students who were on the exchange student programs to America introduced Taiwan’s culture to the visiting group. Taiwan’s scenery, culture and some useful Chinese writing and oral communications were brought up. Since Dragon Boat Festival was just around the corner, the hosts invited visitors to make rice dumplings with colored paper as a souvenir. The visitors were amazed and impressed by Chinese culture. Vice-chairman of SHU, Cheng-Hu Jhou said the hosts were very creative and that the rice paper dumpling activity helped the visitors have a better understanding of Chinese culture.

Saginaw Valley State University of Michigan formed sister school alliance with SHU in 2000. SVSU assembles the Roberts Fellow Visiting Group of 10 to 15 outstanding students that travels to various Asian countries for about 3 weeks every year. SHU is a must-visit place for the Robert Fellow Visiting Group.

Dean of Public Affairs, I-Jan Yeh (Middle), welcomes visitors on behalf of SHU.


Roberts Fellow Visiting Group visits SHU’s studio.


Sandra and Nick were exchange students to SHU. They missed everything about SHU.


Foreign students experiencing Chinese culture by making paper rice dumplings.


SVSU visitors taking pictures with SHU faculty, leaving another unforgettable memory.