The President of the University of La Verne, Dr. Devorah Lieberman, and the Vice President, Dr. Sherri Mylott, once again visited Shih Hsin University on 17th June, 2019. Dr. Lieberman gave a speech on “Leadership Principles For Effective Outcomes” to all the administrative directors.


Yeong-Chyan Wu, President of Shih Hsin University, led in the speech by giving a welcome remark to the distinguished guests. Dr. Lieberman, afterwards, shared her personal experiences in leaderships, including the principles of management, effective interdepartmental communications and cooperation and compatibility between supervisors and subordinates. Meanwhile, she also particularly mentioned about how university collaborates with community resources and alumni assistance to further the development of the university. During the speech, all the directors gave positive feedbacks toward the presentation and they could feel the charisma of Lieberman’s Leadership Principle.


Furthermore, the two guests visited the Omnimedia Building, praising the curriculum reform and the upgrade of software and hardware that Shih Hsin University has been promoted recently. Shih Hsin University and the University of La Verne have established partnership since 2013 with great cooperation. The president of University of La Vern visits Shih Hsin University annually. This year, both universities are going to further and strengthen partnership by the collaboration of International Exchange Student Program and 3+1+2 Double Degree Program.


President Lieberman gave a speech on “The Principles of Effective Leadership” to all the administrative directors of Shih Hsin University.

Dean of Academic Affairs, Dr. Hsiang-Wen, Hsiao, response to the speech and have discussion with Dr. Devorah Lieberman.

Group photo of Dr. Devorah Lieberman, Dr. Sherri-Mylott, Dr. Nathan C.H. Chow, Dr. Joe Y. C. Wu, and administrative directors.