The song composition event held by the Department of RTF and the pop culture development center took place January 13th. Ten student bands participated in the contest and many famous singers, songwriters, DJs and bands were invited to judge the event. Ultimately one team was given the best composition award.

The song composed by RTF students took home the prize. The main composer Lai-Shin-Ting was surprised with the results, “I got the inspiration while I was on a working holiday,“says Lai. The song integrates travel in to life, and encourages everyone to keep the faith. Everything we go through is just a process and the world is still beautiful as is.

Instructor Chi says that the past courses mainly focused on software usage, however song writing techniques are included this year. Music industry professionals will be invited each year to meet the student demand.

The contestants and the judges at the musical event.


10 Bands participated the event this year.


Lai-Shin-Ting took home the grand prize with her song “Journey”.