There are no limits when it comes to pursuing knowledge. In order to cultivate specialists with an international view, the Ministry of Education launched several subsidized projects to help students. Among these projects is one for students to have an overseas internship. SHU’s Department of Tourism successfully applied for and received four spots in the program. A seminar was held November 9th for students to share their international internship experiences.

These students not only shared their daily work and recreation experiences, they also shared the personal challenges and inner-growth that comes with international internship. Although being an overseas intern seems glamorous, there is lots of hard work that people do not see. Miss Hsu, who worked as an intern in the Yokohama Hakkeijima Sea Paradise, Japan, said that it was difficult speaking Japanese to people, but her Japanese improved greatly due to the Japanese internship.

“Give customers a smile!” was the impression Guo-Hao had of the spirit behind Japanese high quality enterprises, because interactions between people is precious, if the employees treats customers with politeness and warmth, the good deed will spread. Companies even print slogans in the employee’s manual; they have to read them out loud together every morning before working. “This kind of enthusiasm is very rare in Taiwan.” He said.

Wan-Ruo Lin, who worked in the Royal Orchid Guam Hotel, gained plenty of experience during her time in Guam. She said going out of the country can really broaden one’s horizons. Yi-Zhen Wu, who was in the same project as Lin, said, she thought working was just working, however, this internship made her experience the feeling of “looking forward to work.” “I was already living when I opened my eyes every day. My job had blended into my life.”

This project included: Yokohama Hakkeijima Sea Paradise, Japan; Simoda Prince Hotel, Japan; Holiday Inn, Los Angeles, USA; Royal Orchid Guam Hotel; Pacific Island Club, Guam, and more. Ms. Jia-Yu Chen, Ms. Fang-Yi Lin and Ms. Yu-Qi Zhu were the Department of Tourism instructors for this project. They successfully merged learning and practice together. Seibu Corporation, Japan, flew commissioners in from Japan to join the seminar; the initiative was appreciated by all.

Student from the Department of Tourism shared his experience through puppets.


Students from the Department of Tourism shared their experiences with the school.


Seibu Corporation’s commissioner joining the seminar.


The Department of Tourism held a seminar to share the over-seas internship experience on November 9th.


Group photo of students and commissioners after the seminar.