English Phonetics

< Back Course Type: English Phonetics Credits:4 College: The purpose of this course is to briefly introduce to students the basic concepts of the fundamentals of English phonetics. The human articulatory system and physical properties of speech sounds will be… Read More

English Conversation

< Back Course Type: English Conversation Credits:2 College: The course aims to develop student interest in oral English. The material is applicable to life experiences for students in university, and the professor will correct student pronunciation and grammar, as well… Read More

English Composition

< Back Course Type: English Composition Credits:4 College: The course aims at enhancing students’ writing abilities of all kinds of articles. Students can apply the grammar and writing ability which they have learned to the practice of writing a 300-word… Read More

English Communication and Presentation

< Back Course Type: English Communication and Presentation Credits:2 College: This course aims mainly to strengthen students’ ability in oral expression through discussion of news related to daily life, inspiring students to express their own opinions in order to increase… Read More

Introduction to Western Literature

< Back Course Type: Introduction to Western Literature Credits:4 College: This course consists of three parts: (1) Comparing the two major origins of Western Literature (Hebrew Literature and Greco-Roman Literature) and introducing their developments and key contents. (2) Discussing the… Read More

History of Western Civilization

< Back Course Type: History of Western Civilization Credits:4 College: This course is to guide students to understand the idea of humanism in modern times, political thoughts and popular culture in order to know more about the development of world… Read More

English Debate and Public Speaking

< Back Course Type: English Debate and Public Speaking Credits:4 College: The course contains two tracks: public speaking and debating. The former one is to encourage students to make a speech in front of the audience and the latter one… Read More


< Back Course Type: Criminology Credits:3 College: The term “criminology” first appeared a hundred years ago. Although this discipline is relatively young compared with the other disciplines in social and behavioral sciences, it has become a major academic field in… Read More