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SHU Voices


SHU Voices

Voice of SHU

Takada Masako From Japan

When I just started my undergraduate program, due to my poor proficiency in Chinese, I had a difficult time in class. However, with the sincere help from the professors and fellow classmates, I was able to complete my undergraduate program successfully, and was even admitted to the graduate institute of Shih Hsin University. Shih Hsin University holds a variety of activities for foreign students, from which I have met friends from all over the world. As a university of moderate size, Shih Hsin University has compassionate and active students, as well as patient and caring professors. As a foreign student myself, I would definitely recommend Shih Hsin University to others.



Katarzyna Tarnawska From Poland

While studying in Shih Hsin University, I met helpful and warmhearted Taiwanese people including teachers, classmates, my language partners and other people. Thanks to Shih Hsin, which gave me a great support, I fell in love with Taiwan. Kind help of my classmates and constructive suggestions given by the teachers made me finish all the projects that at the beginning of the semester seemed to be undoable for me. Thanks to that in turn, I acquired new knowledge, that I am sure will be helpful in my future job and of course, met fantastic friends. Being here is an awesome experience!



Leong Tuck Fai From Malaysia

Shih Hsin University not only provided great freedom of artistic creativity, but also encouraged me to live up to my dream. Professors helped me brainstorm to complete my graduation work, which won Minsk International Film Festival Listapad – Award for Best Film of Short Movie Club and The 3rd Asia University Film Festival Jury Award.