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Department of Digital Multimedia Arts

Department of Digital Multimedia Arts

Positioning and Goals

The department was set up with a view to establishing a professional incubator for developing robust digital multimedia content and apps, and nurturing versatile, innovative specialists devoted to multimedia planning, designs and development, plus games and animation creations. We at the department are also actively involved in expanding multimedia applications for the internet and interactive communications, blazing the trail for 2D and 3D animation projects, games, digital entertainment and high-tech media purposes.

Program Characteristics

The program's curriculum design is characterized by the versatile integration of three elements: creative designs, digital technologies and cultural, artistic and aesthetic applications. Building upon Shih Hsin's legendary professional trainings, the program provides multimedia computer animation, gaming designs and creative multimedia applications to train the department's aspirants into becoming innovators with cultural and artistic sensitivity , and avant-garde technological skills.

Employment Prospects

Our graduates can consider the following employment options: New media and communications technology, entertainment technology, value-adding of digital content and purposes, visual communications, high-tech art designs and applications, game-designs, animation designs and production, and advertising.

Our graduates can also consider the following positions: Animation or games designers, multimedia content planners and designers, role designers and art designers for animation and game applications, interface programmers, visual effects designers, project managers, planners and exhibition curators, multimedia art directors, or virtual space designers.