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Lihpao Daily

Lihpao was established on July 12th, 1988, by Cheng She-wo, founder of Shih Hsin University. Cheng She-wo has always believed in the power of independent media.

Therefore, despite being organized and governed by a university, he still followed his principles and introduced Lihpao to the public. With such reputation, Lihpao has since prided itself as the foster parents of the most diverse media professionals in the business.

Since Lihpao got up and ran, it has been the leading media in the field of education, with promises to provide Taiwanese teachers with news on the industry and its current environment. The year 1998 is a milestone for Lihpao set; it promoted itself as “the only education-exclusive media in Taiwan.” According to the evolution of technologies in the media industry, Lihpao has re-positioned itself as a “medium of social media” since March, 2016. From now on, Lihpao keeps publishing review articles on the two most popular social media platforms, Facebook and WeChat.

And the articles are now focused on some specific issues, including education, technology, and communication.