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Office of Academic Affairs

Office of Academic Affairs

To ensure the quality and outcome of learning and teaching, the Office of Academic Affairs provides planning, implementation and evaluation services for enrolment, registration, curriculum development and teaching excellence.

The Office of Academic Affairs consists of two divisions and one center: the admission division, the registration and curriculum division, and the center for teaching excellence.

1. Admission Division

Responsible for the planning, implementation, and evaluation of admission and enrollment of all degrees, including bachelor, master, and doctoral programs.

2. Registration and Curriculum Division

Responsible for registration, transfer, dual–degree or minor application, credit waiving, quitting or dismissal processing, transcript issuing, student card application, Chinese and English degree certificate issuing, curriculum design, course planning, course addition or withdrawal, and classroom arrangement.

3. Center for Teaching Excellence (CTE)

The Center for Teaching Excellence inspires excellence and innovation in teaching. CTE provides a variety of programs, resources, and services that foster innovative and effective pedagogical practices to support faculty and improve the effectiveness of students’ learning.

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