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Language Center

About us

“Language lights up your life” is central to our thoughts on language learning. At Shih Hsin, we explore language and its impact in transforming our minds and shaping our lives.

The Language Center was founded in 1991 to develop and promote an environment favorable for learning English. Over the years it has expanded to include other languages such as German, Korean and Malay for approximately 2,600 students per semester with an attempt to equip them with the language skills and cultural knowledge necessary to succeed in a global workplace.

Our teaching staff includes a range of specialists in areas such as Applied Linguistics, English Literature, Education and Cross-Cultural Communication. All of our instructors are native language speaking teachers from all over the world (e.g., England, Germany, Korea and the USA). Advocating a communicative approach to language teaching, instructors use a variety of techniques such as pair work, group work, and mingling activities.

To further foster the students’ interest and enthusiasm in English learning, the Language Center sponsors several contests per year. The speech contest encourages students to focus on oral skills and the spelling bee challenges students to sharpen their English vocabulary. In addition, a mock interview provides students with an opportunity to improve their interview, CV writing, and related skills. Through all of these efforts, the Language Center has been at the forefront of Shih Hsin University’s drive towards internationalization.