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Department of Chinese Literature

Department of Chinese Literature


Founded in 1998, the Department of Chinese Literature is devoted to recruiting excellent teachers, improving teaching and research qualities, strengthening students’ confidence, and creating a wonderful learning environment. Owing to the successful cooperation among faculty, staff, and students, the department has been prominent for “free thinking, solid scholarship, vivid and progressive students,” and gained recognition from Taiwan’s academic world. With the MA program founded in 2003 and then the Ph.D. program established in 2007, it is now a comprehensive Chinese Literature department with graduate programs.

Goal and Characteristics

The undergraduate curriculum is based on traditional Chinese culture, combining modern and contemporary Chinese literature. We strive for giving students a solid and complete training in Chinese literature. Our principles are as follows:

A. Emphasizing both classic literature and modern literature;

B. Focusing on both linguistic applications and literary interpretations;

C. Applying literary studies and realistic usages in the same path;

D. Combining traditional culture and local culture.

We also employ our privileged journalism and mass communication facilities at Shih Hsin University to assist our students to pursue their individual interests for their future career, including academic research, education, creative writing, or communication..