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Graduate Institute for Gender Studies: MA Program

Graduate Institute for Gender Studies: MA Program


Established in 2003, the Graduate Institute for Gender Studies (GIGS) is unique in delivering a degree program devoted to gender studies in Northern Taiwan. The GIGS was established not only to advance gender studies, but also with broader goals in mind. It seeks to improve gender justice and to help bring about a social transformation by creating a gender perspective in public policies.

Our curriculum reflects an emphasis on theory and practice. It teaches the integration of knowledge and methodology, the application of gender studies to policymaking, and the implementation of gender equality and cultural diversity. Graduates not only develop a commitment to gender equality with international perspectives, but they also become influential advocates for gender mainstreaming.

The GIGS curriculum is composed of core and elective course sets. The core set includes the following required courses: Professional Seminars for Gender Studies, Sociology of Gender, Feminist Theories, and Research Methods in Gender Studies. The electives highlight three areas of concentration: gender and communication studies, gender and cultural studies, and gender and policy studies.

Employment Prospects

Graduates of GIGS enjoy a wide variety of professional career options. Over the past decade, our graduates have been employed in both public and private sectors, including schools and colleges, research institutes, government agencies, media organizations, and NGOs. Over the past two decades, the passage of legislative acts, including the Sexual Assault Crime Prevention Act, Domestic Violence Prevention Act, Act of Gender Equality in Employment, Gender Equity Education Act, and Sexual Harassment Prevention Act have increased demand for gender violence prevention and management professionals. In addition, the recent establishment of gender equality committees at the Executive, Legislative and Examination Yuans, as well as the launch of a gender equality working group in every department under the Executive Yuan, has increased the demand for gender studies experts in many fields. Finally, the establishment of the Gender Equality Office by the Executive Yuan has created additional positions for our graduates.