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Department of Tourism

Department of Tourism

About us

The Department of Tourism at Shih Hsin University was established in 1993 and is one of the most well-known tourism education providers in Taiwan. Goals of the Department goes beyond tourism knowledge acquirement and vocational skill training, students, local or international, are expected to become qualified tourism employees immediately upon graduation. Course offered at the Department of Tourism focus on decision-making, communication, problem-solving, global awareness, and innovative thinking.

Program Characteristics

The undergraduate program consists of three divisions including, Hospitality Management, Travel and Leisure Management, and Tourism Planning and Resource Management. It is designed to address, and in response to, the changing needs of modern tourism. Courses provided are built upon managerial needs, in-depth thinking and envision.


As a part of graduation requirement, students majoring in Hospitality Management must complete a six-month internship at international hotels or resorts. Those who major in Travel and Leisure Management have to attain at least 360 hours of internship from a travel agency or leisure-related organization(establishment). For those whose major are in Tourism Planning and Resource Management, it is required to complete a (themed) project before graduation or attain a 440-hour internship from a planning firm.

Employment Prospects

Students major in Hospitality Management are free to work in hotels, resorts, restaurants, country clubs, or any food and beverage establishments once graduated. Travel and Leisure Management majors can find job opportunities from travel agencies, airlines, or leisure industry. For those who major in Tourism Planning and Resource Management, they can be employed by tourism planning firms or consulting agencies while working for the public sector is also an option at one’s will.


Financial aid is available for those eligible. The Department of Tourism at Shih Hsin University offers a scholarship up to six students annually in memory of Professor Dr. Jia-Jy Yen.

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