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Ph.D Program in Communication Studies

Ph.D Program in Communication Studies

The Ph.D Program in Communication Studies is designed to nurture the leaderships or scholars engaging in communications research and education. Our graduates will have their eye on translating their vision into policymaking and shaping the future of the industry.

The program will provide students with a unique set of skills displaying professional competence, commitment, and visionary thinking. Professional competence is defined as theory construction, speculative discourse, independent research, meta-thinking, and innovative problem-solving skills. Commitment is characterized by multicultural sensitivity, professional and academic ethics. Finally, visionary thinking represents the ability to remain globally-minded while locally-based. Through the courses, participants will learn how to keep their finger on the pulse and to think outside the box. By examining the intricate dynamics between knowledge, mankind, and community, students will keep their work reflective of social realities and meaningful to the world today.

To develop a unique study plan to enlarge students’ vision, the program encourages students to explore their own research focus upon the boundaries of their major and minor areas, grounded within the program. Throughout the course-taking journey, adviser mentorship, including a one-on-one research dialogue, is fostered. This partnership is vital to heightening awareness, refining craftsmanship, and fortifying the students’ development into academically-skilled yet socially-minded practitioners.

To keep up with the industry trends, students are required to focus on at least one of the following three areas: (i) rhetoric and strategic communication, (ii) communication technologies and influence, and (iii) cultural action and participatory communication. Meanwhile, curricular planning committee is composed of Shih Hsin faculty members who cooperate with senior scholars from other countries such as China. Cooperation of these overseas visiting scholars with the professors at Shih Hsin will help students to associate their studies within the context of international developments. Our PhD graduates can have a diversity of employment options. They can teach in universities, serve as senior administrators in news or media outlets, become full-time researchers at institutes, or seek careers as public servants in government agencies.

Distinguished Alumni

Dr. Ching-Ho Chen
Vice President
Professor, Department of Radio, Television & Film, Shih Hsin University

Dr. Chi-Shen Ho
Committee Member, National Communications Commission

Dr. Caroline Lin,
The Graduate Institute of Journalism, National Taiwan University