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Committee of General Studies

Committee of General Studies

Laying the Foundation for Holistic Education

The College of General Studies was set up in 1997 after Shih Hsin received university status. The task of the college is to supervise and coordinate those courses offered by the Center for General Education, the Office of Physical Education, and the Office of Military Studies.

Its mission is to:

  • Provide students with a holistic education that builds character and encourages humanitarian concern.
  • Achieve an interdisciplinary education that integrates knowledge from the branches of humanism, sociology and technology.
  • Cultivate students’ critical thinking, civic spirit, community involvement, and sense of social justice to enable them to respond to ever-changing social transformations.
  • Formulate and implement students’ core competencies, encompassing Chinese, and foreign-language proficiency, computer literacy, critical thinking, and intrapersonal management.

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