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Office of General Affairs

Office of General Affairs

The Office of General Affairs undertakes a wide range of responsibilities that include construction, maintenance of buildings, procurement of equipment, water and power supply, sanitation, fire safety, billing and bursary, finances and payment, property inventory and administration.

Organization Chart:

Office of General Affairs has four divisions: General Service Division, Construction and Maintenance Division, Cashier Division, Property Administration Division. The responsibilities of the four divisions are as follows:

The responsibilities for the five divisions under the Office are as follows:

I. General Service Division

  • To procure facilities, equipment and consumables
  • To acquire and lease university properties and buildings
  • To manage campus sanitation and security
  • To manage parking
  • To lease university cafeteria and concession

II. Construction and Maintenance Division

  • To repair and maintain facilities, equipment, and consumables
  • To construct and maintain the university’s properties and buildings

III. Cashier Division

  • To offer cashier services
  • To control finances
  • To collect and refund tuitions
  • To collect application fees for entrance and transfer exams
  • To process payments and checks
  • To issue salary and National Science Council grants
  • To issue scholarships

IV. Property Administration Division

  • To control, contract and finalize works and facilities
  • To catalog land and property deeds
  • To catalog requisitions for consumables
  • To inspect, approve and catalog repair work for buildings and facilities
  • To handle graduation gowns
  • To control write-off inventory and dispose of recyclable materials
  • To purchase, write-off, and transfer properties
  • To supply requisitioned materials
  • To catalog and label properties and equipment