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Japanese Corner

In Japanese Corner, native Japanese teachers guide and instruct students to learn Japanese language. The facilities such as TVs, DVD players, Japanese newspaper, books, and magazines are provided for all students and staff in Shih Hsin University. The purpose of the center is to create an effective Japanese learning environment and to encourage all staff and students in the University to know more about Japanese society and culture. To motivate staff and students to learn Japanese language and culture, various activities related to Japanese cultural events have been held on campus since the spring semester in 2018. These activities were highly-evaluated by the participants. The corner will keep holding these cultural activities periodically, e.g. Japanese tea ceremony, Japanese dance, Japanese food making, to promote Japanese culture in the University. Through these activities, students will learn more about Japanese culture, knowledge, and language skills, and be more motivated to learn and enhance their Japanese language skills. Moreover, the center also promotes the exchanges between Taiwanese and Japanese teachers and students and raises the reputation of the University with an international outlook.