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Department of Japanese Language and Literature

Department of Japanese Language and Literature

The Department of Japanese Language and Literature aims to cultivate students’ excellency in Japanese language proficiency with a view to meeting the current demand of society. With the well-designed curriculum, the department fosters students’ mastery in Japanese basic four skills, Japanese culture, literature, media, economy, and tourism.

The objective of the department is to cultivate students as professional talents with: 1) four skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing; 2) knowledge of Japanese language and culture, including literature; 3) professions in media and tourism. Our teaching and learning focus on basic Japanese language training and practice but Japanese language, culture, literature, media, tourism and trade as well.

The establishment of the Voluntary Japanese Interpretation Team in our department facilitates the cultural exchanges between Taiwan and Japan. The interpretation team provides our students with opportunities to interact with Japanese native speakers.

Graduates who plan to study in graduate schools or enhance their workplace competencies can attend the special exam held by Interchange Association, Japan. The future employments for our graduates include travel agencies, merchandisers, publishers, Japanese language teachers, media broadcast, civil servants, translators, interpreters, and so on.