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Department of Social Psychology

Since its establishment in 1993, the Department of Social Psychology has been the only one of its type in Taiwan. Taking social psychology as a bridge, the missions of the department are to promote interdisciplinary cooperation between sociology and psychology, to nurture specialists to doi cross-disciplinary research or professional work, and to focus on social changes as well as social problems.

The core curriculum consists of two elements: 1. An introduction to fundamental knowledge and theories in both sociology and psychology; 2. An in-depth study of issues relevant to the social development in Taiwan.

Based upon each faculty’s specialty, students will be taught with six major approaches to develop a wide range of professions : marriage and family, media and culture, adolescent deviant and criminal behavior, organization behavior, and helping profession (including social work and counseling).

After completing a basic training in both sociology and psychology, students in their junior year are required to take either sociology or psychology as their sub-major. Not only does it give students a leeway to enjoy the wonders of both sociology and psychology, but also allow them to develop a more specialized skill for their future careers.

Offering a unique program familiarizing students with both sociology and psychology studies, we are proud to have more than 1700 alumni working in diverse professional areas around the world. We particularly welcome anyone who is interested in integrating and applicating both sociology and psychology to join us.