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Language Corner

The Language Corner aims to serve the entire student body, not only with language learning opportunities, but also with a variety of cultural events and activities. We especially appeal to those students who shy away from language learning in general and hope to empower them to be less reticent and develop a self-actualized desire to learn.

We offer an integrated experience that inspires and encourages students to discover, create, and collaborate with peers in multiple-languages. With increasing levels of cross-cultural interactions, being multilingual is a necessity. We hope that the students can build their professional skills and gain international experience as well.

The Corner offers tutoring and provides resources to help students to enhance their language arts skills. We also have a wide variety of social, academic, and cultural activities throughout the year.

The Language Corner offers many services and activities including:

  • Free individual and group tutoring
  • Foreign languages learning
  • TOEIC and other language workshops
  • Cultural activities such as a Thanksgiving dinner, a Christmas Celebration, and presentations about our partner universities