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College of Management

College of Management

Founded in 1997, the College of Management provides an environment to cultivate and produce outstanding management personnel so as to meet the needs in Taiwan. Currently, it is organized into six academic departments :one master program and two research centers: Tourism, Information Management, Economics, Finance, Public Policy and Management, and Business Administration, and Master program of nonprofit and social enterprise, Public Management Consulting Center, and big data research Center. All the departments offer a Bachelor of Arts program, Master of Business Administration program, and Executive Master of Business Administration program. A doctoral program of Public Policy and Management was set up officially in 2005.

Currently, the College has 96 full-time faculty members (96with a Ph. D. degree), and over 94 percent of the teaching staff has the rank of assistant professor or above. Furthermore, there are nearly 3,000 students.

Although the College does not have a long history, it possesses a carefully considered quality educational plan for all prospective students. We will enhance teaching resources and cultivate managerial academia overall. In order to have an excellent, internationalized and humane College of Management, management courses are designed innovatively. Besides, in an effort to cope with the trend of the world, flexibility and diversity are emphasized in the course content.

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