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Big Data Center

The Big Data Center has been established in 2017 to support teaching and research at Shih Hsin University. The responsibility of the center is to conduct the big data research, and to develop the jobs related to big data. One of the center’s major goals is to utilize the big data research strength of Shih Hsin University in order to develop big data applications. The center constructs a strong service team that can help organizations and enterprises to improve their capabilities of using big data technologies. The four main tasks of the Big Data Center as follows:

1. Through constructing the big data research platform at Shih Hsin University, the center will create an environment for big data application development and tools for big data analysis.

2. The center will promote academic exchanges by establishing an interpersonal communication platform for individuals conducting research in the big data area.

3. The center will set up big data related programs to help students to improve their abilities of big data analysis and to use applications related to big data.

4. The center will offer services to organizations and enterprises in the form of big data analysis, big data application development, and big data consultation.

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