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Department of Law

Department of Law

Program Characteristics

Solid legal education characterizes the focus of the School of Law at Shih Hsin University. The fundamental prerequisites are emphasized when students begin the program. Classes are conducted in small sizes to ensure that every student receives quality education. The program also focuses on an effective combination of theory and practice, giving students a diverse range of elective courses. In-depth, advanced courses are also offered, which at times practitioners and guest speakers provide lectures and discussions on the latest legal practice trends. In addition to legal study, students are required to strengthen their language proficiency as well. Students’ language proficiency will then be duly evaluated. In addition, students will better know and gain more experience with the real world and legal practice by participating in various activities, such as moot court competitions, legal clinics, and clerkships.

Employment Prospects

After passing bar or other judicial exams, graduates may choose to work as an attorney, a judge, a prosecutor, a judiciary officer, a prosecutor’s investigator, an investigator, an ethics officer, a clerk, a law clerk, an officer of the court, a junior enforcement officer, or a bailiff. Many alumni have successful careers in banks, insurance companies, securities firms, real estate firms, high-tech companies, law firms, and the academia.