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Department of Radio, Television and Film

Department of Radio, Television and Film


Shih Hsin University was the first school establishing the Department of Radio and Television Studies in Taiwan. Since the department was established in 1962, more than ten thousand students have been educated and cultivated here. The distinctive features of the department are its continuing emphasis on integrating both theory and practice in teaching as well as stimulating students’ creativity in video and audio production. The department has three media platforms to offer students alternative internship experiences such as SHU radio station, SHU television studio, and SHU film club. From these experiences, students are able to come up with innovative ideas and apply them to producing programs and managing these media platforms.

Undergraduate Programs / Example Courses

The Department of Radio, Television and Film (RTF) at Shih Hsin University provides multiple balanced and comprehensive programs which emphasize the practice and theory of RTF. The Department offers a broad range of subjects and courses in theory, production and writing skills covering many aspects of radio, television and cinema. The undergraduate curricula offer media studies courses, RTF studies core courses, RTF production core courses, and elective RTF courses. The combination of practice and theory is one of the most competitive characteristics of the Department.

Graduate Programs

The RTF Department provides two programs for its prospective graduate students to strengthen their professions. The students can either pursue the master’s degree in the Research Track or the Master of Fine Art degree (MFA) in the Production Track. The former is a two-year program designed for insightful students who want to become researchers to conduct applied research in media campaigns and media impacts. The latter is a three-year program designed for creative students who want to become professional writers and producers to produce creative work for media in various formats.

Department Goals / Career

In the future, the department faculty will endeavor to improve management and training of interns for SHU Radio station and SHU Studio. In the coming years, the department faculty is planning to set up a SHU Theater (Tsui Gu Theater) based on the SHU film club. Also, the Internet and new media have become the leading tendency nowadays. Therefore, the department is developing an Internet-based platform for students to showcase their video and audio programs online or through other new media formats.

Graduates of the department can pursue the following potential career paths :

  • Film, Video, Audio, Television, and New Media Production
  • Program Research, Sales, and Distribution
  • Postgraduate Studies for M.A., and M.F.A.