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Department of Speech Communication

Department of Speech Communication

Program Characteristics

The Department of Speech Communication has three undergraduate programs: Media Representation, Interview and Communication Skills, and Conflict and Coordination Proficiency. Within these three programs, our students are trained to possess the following five professional competencies (i) leadership and communications, (ii) professional presentation skills and eloquence, (iii) coordination and negotiation, (iv) persuasion and marketing, and (v) project planning and execution. Besides, the other four main capabilities will also be emphasized: rhetorical sensitivity, interpersonal relationship awareness, structural awareness, and intercultural sensitivity.

The department offers a wide range of graduate programs on rhetoric and communication studies, through which students will acquire both practical and theoretical knowledge in the fields of (i) language and the political process, (ii) communication and social relations, (iii) communication and organizational management, and (iv) language and multicultural sensitivity.

Employment Prospects

Our graduates have accepted positions in a variety of fields associated with communication and planning:event planners, corporate consultants, communications consultants, campaign publicists, customers service specialists, assistants to lawmakers, human resources officers, museum or gallery guides, radio show hosts and anchors, news producers, merchandisers, and administrators.