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Department of Journalism

For the undergraduate-level courses, the Department of Journalism intends to equip students with the variety of professional skills that include (1) the sophisticated application of multi- and digital media; (2) the implementation of civic journalism closely associated with local communities; (3) the capability to make discourses for feature reports; (4) the ability to produce English news; and (5) the preparation for the internship program tightly integrated with the workplace. With the curriculum planning that intends to unite professional skills with academic knowledge, along with the liberal atmosphere of learning, the Department of Journalism intends to cultivate students with creativity, a wider vision, and a keen sense of news.

With the dual focus on theory and practice, the aim of the graduate-level courses at the Department of Journalism is to nurture future journalists and communication scholars with critical thinking, academic knowledge, and passionate care for the society. In order to equip its students with the ability to apply the ever-changing technologies to advocate the University’s mission statement, “liberty and democracy,” the Graduate Institute of Journalism trains the students’ professional skills in accordance with the highest academic standards. In addition, the curriculum planning incorporates digital skills and news exploration capacity, and adheres to the principles of journalism and the mission of journalists.