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Center for General Education

Center for General Education

The goal of the Center for General Education is to promote the integration of theory and practice in general education. The Center is committed to combining both knowledge and training, and further encouraging students to think rationally and efficiently. In addition, the center offers a large variety of courses, including psychiatry, Western literature, science and technology in arts, music, and politics, etc..

The Center also strives to improve students’ reading and writing abilities, and to establish students’ interest in leisure reading. Classical literatures and humanities courses are offered to cultivate students’ humanitarian concerns—how to appreciate the past as we move forward to the future. Through the Life Talk Programs, students can share with and learn from their classmates’ life stories and experiences. Besides, students will engage in self-learning, constructing their life goals and learning philosophies. The Center also offers the Life Experience program, which encourages students to partake in experiential learning to form part of the learning experience outside the classroom. The issues of social care, reconstruction work, and environmental protection are the focuses.

Courses offered to all majors include history, philosophy, social sciences, natural sciences, literature, and arts. Due to increasing demand for the natural sciences and literary arts programs, the Center is actively expanding the program currently.